Through engagement with civil society, private sector, and research institutes, EU Cyber Direct supports EU official cyber dialogues with strategic partners – Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States – and Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions. Workshops, conferences and meetings organised as part of EU Cyber Direct will contribute to a better understanding of EU cyber diplomacy and cyber resilience policies worldwide.

EU Cyber Direct engages with governments, civil society, academia, think tanks and the private sector. Through a series of tailored, flexible, locally-owned and methodologically sound track 1.5/2.0 initiatives, EU Cyber Direct supports formal Cyber Dialogues between the EU and partner countries/regions with research and analysis on issues of mutual interest.

The EU cyber diplomacy and cyber resilience policy framework is constantly evolving. Through engagement with local partners, EU Cyber Direct forges a better understanding of EU approach to cyber diplomacy and cyber resilience. It also contributes to wider and deeper dissemination of EU best practices and lessons learned.

EU Cyber Direct involves a number of research and policy support activities:

A series of expert workshops in Europe and partner countries and regions.

A series of track 1.5 Cyber Consultations with partner countries with the aim to support official EU cyber dialogues/task forces.

Outreach events to promote the EU’s approach to building cyber resilience and cyber diplomacy.


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