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Misunderstandings and Mythmaking: Demystifying Narratives of AI and Conflict

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On 28 May 2024, EU Cyber Direct hosted its eighth research seminar, where participants were invited to discuss narratives of AI and conflict in relation to three myths currently dominating mainstream discourse.

This seminar acted as a continuation of the discussion developed during the roundtable on The International Techno-Politics of AI: Balancing the Narratives of Existential Threat, Trustworthiness, Risk Management, to Meaningful Human Control hosted during EU Cyber Direct’s Closing the Gap Conference in December 2023.

The seminar was divided into three sessions, respectively focusing on:

  1. AI: mythology and power
  2. War as an AI innovator and accelerator?
  3. Human control in war: meaningful or meaningless and is less actually more?
Signal 2024 05 29 22 12 23 962 1