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EU-UNGGE consultation

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The conversation on norms of acceptable state behaviour in cyberspace continues in 2019 with two parallel processes at the United Nations; a renewed mandate for the UN Group of Governmental Experts (UNGGE) (A/RES/73/266) and the establishment of a first Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) (A/RES/73/27).

The renewed mandate for the UNGGE foresees consultations with regional organisations, including the European Union. In the margins of the EU-UNGGE consultation, EU Cyber Direct organised a meeting between government officials and representatives from the research community and civil society. The presence of EU member states and the UNGGE Chair, Ambassador Guilherme Patriota, provided a unique opportunity for a direct and frank exchange of views.

The discussions revolved around the role of non-governmental stakeholders in the process, their priorities and possible challenges ahead. The discussion was guided by the input paper “Pathways to Change: Resilience, Rights and Rules in Cyberspace”, which had been prepared for the consultations. In this paper, experts recommend that the EU’s approach in the UN-led processes must remain open to the views and ideas of other regions, while remaining committed to fostering a resilient digital society with full respect for human rights and the rules-based order.

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