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The EU Cyber Direct project participated in the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin on 25 November 2019 with a Day-Zero workshop on ‘Strengthening the Multistakeholder Approach on Norms in Cyberspace’. The hands-on workshop drew stakeholders from civil society, academia, the technical community, private sector and governments. In the workshop, participants were asked to reflect on their role vis-à-vis a particular norm as described in the UNGGE 2015 report, choosing from roles as opinion-shapers, community-builders, decision makers, problem-solvers and whistle-blowers.

The primary objectives of the workshop were:

  • Building awareness on stakeholders’ involvement in the international development of norms on responsible state behaviour
  • Stimulating a reflection on roles and how specific actions of stakeholders contribute to the implementation of norms
  • Stimulating an exchange on best practices between different stakeholders in taking actions in particular roles.
  • Providing support between stakeholders on overcoming challenges in fulfilling different roles.

The results and best practices from this workshop were shared at the IGF’s Best Practices Forum on cybersecurity. Results and methodology applied during the workshop are described in the workshop’s report.

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