The Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Nexus: Taking Stock of the European Union’s Approach


The current war between Russia and Ukraine shows that the use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly complicates and transforms conflicts while also posing new challenges in several fields, including surveillance, national security, and geopolitical competition for technological development.

This article, which is part of the New Tech in Review series, examines the implications of rapidly evolving AI systems in relation to cyber-related policy. This analysis traces EU policy initiatives in the EU’s AI and cybersecurity policies in an attempt to carve out possible connections between the two domains in existing policy planning, as well as explore whether interconnections between the two fields figure in EU policy thinking. Lastly, the article zooms in on a range of initiatives spanning from regulatory approaches to research and innovation projects, while also presenting innovative policy and practices within the EU’s evolving AI-cyber policy nexus.

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