Computers on Wheels: Automated Vehicles and Cybersecurity Risks in Europe


As an emerging and disruptive technology, automated vehicles (AVs) are expected to fundamentally change transportation systems and sociomobility in the twenty-first century. If adopted widely, AVs could affect both urban and rural spaces by altering transport dynamics, user behaviours, infrastructure, and logistics - not to mention create a new automotive ecosystem by shifting the makeup of business models, software and manufacturing industries, and skillsets (for example, of software engineers, data scientists, and AI experts). But is this expectation more hype than reality? More importantly, what are some of the concerns, risks, and security vulnerabilities associated with AVs and their uptake in the transportation systems of tomorrow?

This article examines the nature and evolution of AVs, options for steering AV development, and recent AV governance measures in the European Union. While doing so, it offers a guide to minimising cybersecurity and other risks to maximise eventual AV benefits in Europe and elsewhere.

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