New Report 'Latin American Cybersecurity Research Symposium. Questioning biases, building bridges'


The first Latin American Cybersecurity Research Symposium was held on 27 October 2022 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government of Mexico. The Symposium was co-organised by EU Cyber Direct and the Latin American Cybersecurity Research Network (LA/CS Net), and took place as a side-event to the VI Meeting of the Organisation of American States’ (OAS) Confidence Building Measures Working Group. The occasion also marked the official launch of the LA/CS Net as a platform for dialogue, cooperation and research on cybersecurity across the region.

The Symposium was the first activity of the LA/CS Net and sought to bring together a community of researchers, scholars and practitioners working on cybersecurity in Latin America. The objectives of the Symposium were to:

  • facilitate a dialogue for critical thinking about a culturally sensitive approach to research agendas in this field;
  • open up the space for cross-sector collaborations in the region;
  • promote interdisciplinary dialogues.

During the event, experts discussed the opportunities and challenges for the consolidation of a Latin American research agenda for cybersecurity. This report provides the background to the LA/CS Net and a summary of the discussion held during the Symposium, as well as mapping the horizon for future action. Although far from exhaustive, the report is a first step towards the development of a diverse and sustained dialogue around what it means to discuss and research cybersecurity within Latin America and contribute to a broader discussion of cybersecurity in developing countries and in the Global South.

The report is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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