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Latin American Cybersecurity Research Symposium


While research in cybersecurity has become a multidisciplinary effort, most of the research agenda on cybersecurity has actually been shaped by security problems associated with developed countries. In contrast, the investigation into cybersecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean has historically addressed cybercrime or often-ambiguous positions of the countries in the region in multilateral bodies. This is because a 'Western vision' of the threat landscape provided for selective recognition of concepts, notions of threats, practices and expertise that developed elsewhere. Countries that are not included in the nexus of great powers (Global South, developing, swing states) can often be defined in how they compare to these international benchmarks, rather than being carefully positioned in their own socio-cultural contexts.

In that context, the first Latin American Cybersecurity Research Symposium aimed to rethink cybersecurity research in the region, reflect on strategies for collecting data about the region and producing knowledge from their own positionalities, and bridge communities of researchers from Latin America.

The event also served to kick off the activities of the Latin American Cybersecurity Research Network (LA/CYBER-NET).

A summary of the discussion is available here.