Closing the Gap 2022: call for papers

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EU Cyber Direct - EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative organises on 8 and 9 June 2022 the second edition of the Closing the Gap conference, which will gather scholars, policy analysts, and practitioners working on cyber-related issues to explore one of the key concepts in the international debates about the peaceful use of cyberspace: responsibility.

By focusing on responsibility and accountability as such, we hope to bring to the fore a variety of views, ideas and mechanisms from different disciplines – law, international relations, political sciences, sociology, behaviour sciences – that influence practices of state and non-state actors in cyberspace.

In this context, we invite interested authors to submit their paper proposals on topics linked to the main theme of the conference, including for instance:

• Different conceptualisations of “responsibility” in cyberspace;

• Exploration of narratives and practices regarding responsible behaviour in cyberspace;

• Mechanisms and tools for promoting responsibility in cyberspace, including rules and principles of international law applicable to cyber behaviour, norms of responsible behaviour in cyberspace;

• The role of non-state actors in shaping the framework(s) of responsible behaviour.

We are looking for contributions that are grounded on solid research and critically engage with existing policies and frameworks in a constructive, imaginative, and substantively well-informed manner.

To participate in the Closing the Gap conference, submit your abstract (500 words) to by 14 March 2022. The selected authors will be invited to attend the event, which will take place in Brussels on 8 and 9 June 2022, and contribute to an edited volume to be published in fall 2022.

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