Best Article in EJIR 2021


Xymena Kurowska, associate professor at the Central European University and advisory board member of EU Cyber Direct, has along with her co-author Anatoly Reshetnikov been awarded Best Article in European Journal of International Relations 2021 by the European International Studies Association. 

The article, entitled, ‘Trickstery: pluralising stigma in international society’ explores and unpacks the practice and dynamics of ‘trickstery’ in the context of Russia’s role in contemporary international relations.

In a comment on the article, the committee called it “a refreshing and important approach to make sense of Russia’s position and actions in the current world order, and with potentially significant implications for how we conceive of the (ir)rationality of political actors more widely."

As academic rapporteur for the first phase of EU Cyber Direct, Xymena Kurowska has previously written about the interests and actions of Russia in the cyber realm through the Research in Focus series, in a paper entitled, What does Russia want in cyber diplomacy? A primer. The paper examines Russian contestation of the liberal cyber regime as well as its efforts to shape global governance of the Internet.

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