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Public outreach @PUC-Rio: European Approaches to Cyber Norms and Diplomacy

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On November 22, 2019, the EU Cyber Direct in collaboration with the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio and the Legalité project of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio’s (PUC-Rio) Law and Information Technology departments organized a public panel discussion on Cyberspace as the New Normative Frontier? European Approaches to Cyber Norms and Diplomacy at PUC-Rio. Given the proliferation of legislative and strategic initiatives on cybersecurity in the EU with wide international ramifications – from the EU Cybersecurity Strategy published in 2013 to the EU Cybersecurity Act in force since 2019 – the EU Cyber Direct seeks to meet the demand for sustained dialogue and transparency. In this spirit, the meeting facilitated a public discussion on EU cybersecurity policy-making and legislation between experts and a broad audience of stakeholders and interested citizens including students from different faculties. Taking place at the sidelines of the Track 1.5 Brazil-EU Consultations on Preventing Conflict in Cyberspace, the event brought together senior Brazilian and EU governmental and non-governmental experts, who mapped the evolving institutional EU architecture relevant for defending its member states against cyber-enabled attacks and external interference, illustrated the EU’s strategic interests and approaches in global cybersecurity governance and how they are perceived in Brazil and other major actors, and assessed the past and prospects for Brazil-EU cyber cooperation. Strategic partners since 2007, Brazil and the EU have engaged in an Information Society Dialogue (or ICT Dialogue) since 2010 and a Cyber Dialogue since 2017, and “European Cyber Diplomacy @PUC-Rio” complemented these meetings by opening up the conversations on cybersecurity and diplomacy. More information can be found in the concept note.

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