Reflections on the Pre-draft of the report of the OEWG on developments in the field of ICTs in the context of international security



The United Nation is increasingly focused on fast-developing issues in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security. This increased focus provides a useful opportunity for taking concrete actions that strengthen the commitment of states to responsible behaviour in cyberspace. The Pre-draft of the report of the OEWG, presented by its Chair, provides a welcome opportunity for the international community – not only states but also civil society, the technical community, and the private sector – to make concrete suggestions and recommendations to this effect. Building on observations made earlier during the EU-UNGGE consultation with civil society conducted in 2019, this ‘Research in Focus’ encourages the Chair to ensure that the months of efforts and discussions, in the context of the OEWG, translate into an ambitious final report that commits the international community to fostering a resilient digital society with full respect for human rights and the rules-based order. In this spirit, this analysis offers some preliminary observations on the content of the Pre-draft.

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