EU Cyber Direct brings together government officials, researchers, and other relevant actors to explore the main questions surrounding the application of the existing international law in cyberspace, norms of responsible state behaviour, Confidence Building Measures, and efforts to strengthen state and societal resilience in cyberspace.

Application of the international law in cyberspace

The EU supports the notion that the existing international law, including the UN Charter, applies to cyberspace. The international community is engaged in the discussion of what that means in practice. EU Cyber Direct provides a venue for the debate about possible ways to close the gap between national doctrines, state practices, and international law provisions and practice.

Norms of responsible state behaviour

The EU endorses the development of voluntary non-binding norms, rules and principles of responsible state behaviour. EU Cyber Direct investigates the emergence of cyber norms as well as progress and difficulties in their diffusion and impact on states behaviour.

Confidence Building Measures

The EU encourages the development and implementation of Confidence Building Measures in cyberspace, in particular in the OSCE, ASEAN Regional Forum, and the Organisation of American States. EU Cyber Direct looks into implementation of these frameworks and opportunities for their further strengthening.


The EU recognises the need to adequately protect and build resilience as the foundation for economic and human development as well as proper functioning of states and societies. EU Cyber Direct identifies and promotes best practices, lessons learned and potential avenues for cooperation between the EU and partner countries and regions.

Cyber Conflict Portal

Cyber Conflict Portal is a free online tool to support research on cyber conflict prevention and digital resilience building. Our database and factsheets document the use of information and communication technologies, in pursuit of national interests, against various entities – governments, international organizations, the civil society as well as the private sector.


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