The Path to the Digital Decade will support digital transformation in the EU


The Council of the EU has adopted the programme Path to the Digital Decade, which sets up a monitoring and cooperation mechanism to achieve common objectives and targets for digital transformation in the European Union, as indicated in the Digital Compass.

The digital targets for 2030 aim to achieve a digital transformation of the EU's society and economy which empowers citizens and businesses and is in line with the Union´s values.

Such objectives are based on four points: digital skills, digital infrastructures, digitalisation of businesses and of public services, and should be reached by the EU and its member states by the end of the decade.

By developing EU-level trajectories for each of these targets, the Path to the Digital Decade will strengthen cooperation between the member states and the European Commission while also facilitating investments in areas like high-performance computing, common data infrastructure and services, blockchain, high-tech partnership for digital skills, and digital public administration.

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