The European Cyber Agora Report is now available

Cyber agora report

The new report 'Implementing the EU Cybersecurity Strategy - Recommendations From The European Cyber Agora' presents and synthesises the ideas discussed during the European Cyber Agora which took place in June 2021.

By bringing together more than 500 participants from governments, civil society and industry, the event served as a platform to discuss and shape the European cybersecurity policy agenda.

In its first part, the report highlights the relevance of multistakeholder input for the implementation of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy. The document also includes policy recommendations and identifies four workstreams that can help implement the strategy:

  • Enhancing cross-sectorial lines of communication
  • Supporting civil society’s engagement and improving its preparedness
  • Increasing operation capacity to prevent, deter and respond
  • Advancing a global and open cyberspace

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