New report 'Dilemmas of Disruptive Innovation: Advancing EU and OECD Governance Approaches'

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Following the second EU Cyber Direct New Tech Roundtable, a new report summarises the key takeaways of the discussion which focussed on the transnational governance of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs) as well as EU-OECD cooperation in the field. 

As the report highlights, the roundtable successfully brought together scholars, experts, and policymakers from OECD and EU institutions, allowing a constructive exchange on common issues of cooperation between the two organisations. Particular attention was given to the governance of human-centric, trustworthy, and ethical AI.

The conversation advanced the thinking on shared governance approaches between the EU and the OECD and how they can employ their complementary competencies to advance cooperation on the transnational governance of AI. In particular, the discussion highlighted that the EU has the potential to become a key player in the responsible and value-based governance of EDTs. However, if it wants to have effective engagement with external partners, it must enhance its capacity to dedicate the necessary institutional resources, and facilitate coordination amongst Member States, across EU institutions and agencies, and with the private sector.

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