New report 'Companions or competitors: examining the EU and NATO agendas for emerging disruptive technologies'


On 29 March 2022, Carnegie Europe organised the first EU Cyber Direct New Tech Roundtable. This meeting was the first instalment of a series, which aims at advancing research around the EU’s cooperation with relevant partners on key issues at the intersection of emerging technologies, cybersecurity, defence, and norms.

The roundtable brought together a select group of 24 scholars, experts, and policymakers. They met in Brussels to profit from an in-person setting, to deep-dive into emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs) and avenues for EU-NATO cooperation, and to workshop concepts, ideas, and recommendations.

This new report summarises the main messages and key takeaways from the discussion, which explored

  • The state of play of recent EU and NATO initiatives concerning EDTs;
  • Specific EDTs case studies such as AI systems and quantum-enabled technologies, and their impact on (cyber)security and (cyber)defence;
  • Avenues for fruitful EU-NATO cooperation, especially regarding the effective and responsible governance of EDTs.

Read more about the New Tech Roundtable 'Companions or Competitors? Examining the EU and NATO Agendas for Emerging Disruptive Technologies'.

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