Digital regulation and tech sovereignty among the priorities of the French Presidency

French presidency

On 1 January 2022, France took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, having digital sovereignty as a key theme for its mandate.

Under the motto Recovery, Strength and a Sense of Belonging, France will lead important files in the field of digital policies, with the aim of advancing the digital transition and affirming European sovereignty. As stated by French President Emmanuel Macron, the Presidency will push the EU not to be a rule-taker, dependent on other powers, but rather a leader that defines its own rules for the digital world.

Digital technology is on top of the agenda for the upcoming months, as one of the French priorities is the legislation on digital services and markets. The French Presidency has already affirmed its intention to go as far as possible in the discussion on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which aims at guaranteeing competition in the digital market, and the Digital Services Act (DSA), which will regulate online content and services. It will also contribute to other legislative processes including those concerning the AI Act, the European Digital Identity, and the Data Act.

France wants to advance the negotiations on the revision of the NIS Directive, thus pushing for greater cybersecurity in response to the evolution of cyber threats. In the context of cyber diplomacy, it aims to complete the Strategic Compass, thus defining a common, European strategy to counter threats in cyberspace. Additionally, it will reinforce the use of the EU Cyber Diplomatic Toolbox.

Finally, the French Presidency plans to initiate discussions on the issue of EU solidarity in the event of a major cyber incident.

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