EU Cyber Direct aims to contribute to the development of a secure, stable, and rules-based international order in cyberspace in dialogue with strategic partners and regions.

EU Cyber Direct


The EU’s dynamically evolving approach to digital cooperation is occurring at the time when international discussions about peace and stability in cyberspace are at a crossroads. In the absence of a global agreement and with questions mounting over the future of the UN-led process, several countries have started to turn towards bilateral solutions or cooperation in smaller groups of like-minded states. It is therefore essential that the European Union participates in these discussions and helps shape them, including through actions targeting the broader stakeholder community (e.g. private sector, research institutes, civil society organisations).

Objectives and expected results

In this vein, the overall objective of the ‘EU Cyber Diplomacy and Resilience Clusters – EU Cyber Direct’ is to contribute to the development of a secure, rights-based international digital sphere.

The expected results include:

  • Increased dialogue and consensus with partner countries on how to apply existing international law in cyberspace;Enhanced development of cyber norms and confidence building measures;
  • Strengthened multi-stakeholder cyber engagement with research communities, civil society, private sector, and governmental institutions in the EU and targeted countries;
  • Wider and deeper dissemination of EU best practices and lessons learnt in strengthening cyber resilience and protecting critical cyber infrastructure.