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Navigating the International and European Governance of Military AI: From Confidence-Building Measures to Risk-Based Guardrails

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On Friday 27 October 2023, Carnegie Europe organised EU Cyber Direct’s third New Tech Roundtable.

Part of a series that aims at advancing research on the EU’s cooperation with relevant partners on new and emerging technologies, this instalment brought together 29 scholars, experts, and policymakers.

To explore these issues, Carnegie Europe, in collaboration with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s McGovern AI Grant and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), convened a roundtable entitled 'Navigating the International and European Governance of Military AI: From Confidence-Building Measures to Risk-Based Guardrails.' This closed-door private discussion took place at the Carnegie Europe office and in a hybrid format on 27 October 2023, from 8:30 to 14:30 CEST.

Introductory and welcome remarks were given by Rosa Balfour, Andrea Salvi, Giacomo Persi Paoli, Head of the Security and Technology Programme of UNIDIR, Dongyoun Cho, Senior Researcher with UNIDIR’s Security and Technology Programme, and Ioana Pușcaș, Researcher on artificial intelligence with UNIDIR’s Security and Technology Programme.

Moderated by Ioana Pușcaș, the roundtable’s first session on 'Confidence-Building Measures for Artificial Intelligence: Exploring vectors for CBM development' set out to explore how CBMs for AI may emerge. The conversation focused on vectors of CBM development, including national, government-to-government, government and industry initiatives, or other stakeholders. Expert remarks were given by Ingvild Bode, Associate professor of international relations at the University of Southern Denmark; Hanna Pors, Diplomat on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies with the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to NATO; and Manon Le Blanc, Coordinator for Cyber Issues with the European External Action Service (EEAS).

The second session, with the title ‘Understanding the EU’s global role in building risk-based guardrails around AI’ was moderated by Raluca Csernatoni, Fellow at Carnegie Europe and Team leader on New Technologies at EU Cyber Direct. It featured expert remarks by Panagiotis Kikiras, Head of unit, Technology and Innovation at the European Defence Agency; Lene Lindholdt Hove Rietveld, Senior expert with the EEAS Department for Defence and Security Policy; Simona Soare, Professor of Innovation, Technology and Strategy at Lancaster University; and Vincent Boulanin, Director of the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Programme with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The conversation aimed at exploring how the EU should take on an active role in developing a European-wide governance framework for civil, dual-use and military AI, based on its risk-tiering, human-centric, and trustworthy approach.