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EU-Africa Cyber Consultations

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The importance of digitalisation for social and economic development has increased the focus of policymakers around the world on providing connectivity and stimulating digital transitions. However, there are threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace that affect both African and European economies and societies.

Cooperation between different regions and the involvement of non-state actors are essential to foster a stable, open, free and secure internet. To unleash the full potential of the African continent, policymakers need to secure a digital future in which all citizens can access the opportunities of the internet age, without compromising their rights and safety. The EU has expressed its commitment to upholding and upgrading the rules-based global order in a more focused, open and proactive way, including its global engagements on cyber and digital issues. Engagement with non-governmental stakeholder groups like civil society organisations and the private sector is essential to foster sustainable results.

The purpose of the EU-Africa Cyber Consultations is to discuss priorities and challenges for the African and European cyber diplomacy efforts and ultimately the opportunities for a closer cooperation between the two continents.