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Canada-Europe Track 1.5 Workshop on Emerging Technology and Cyber Policy

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On 14 June March 2022, Carnegie Europe co-organised the Track 1.5 workshop hosted by EU Cyber Direct – EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative, the European External Action Service, Global Affairs Canada and the Centre for International Governance Innovation. The private event, titled ‘Emerging Technology and Cyber Policy’, explored the intersection between emerging disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and cyber policy. The goal of the workshop was to foster greater cooperation and dialogue between Canada and the European Union, while also offering recommendations for future engagement to advance mutual interests. The discussion explored three key topics:

  • Emerging technologies and evolving risks: what are the implications for digital societies?
  • Emerging technologies for defence: navigating the cyber battlefield and the future of warfare
  • International norms and governance: from rules to technological standard setting

During the workshop, Patryk Pawlak delivered the introductory and closing remarks, while the first session on ‘Emerging Technologies and Evolving Risks: What Are the Implications for Digital Societies?’ saw the participation of Paul Timmers, who discussed the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies in the context of the EU’s quest for strategic autonomy. Raluca Csernatoni, during the second session on ‘Emerging Technologies for Defence: Navigating the Cyber Battlefield and the Future of Warfare’, zoomed in on the EU’s defence technologies and industrial initiatives, technological sovereignty, and civil-military approaches to emerging disruptive technologies. Hosuk Lee-Makiyama was a speaker in the third session on ‘International Norms and Governance: From Rules to Technological Standard Setting’.