Peace and Stability in Cyberspace – Factsheet



EU Cyber Direct Project


Conflict and malicious activities in cyberspace always come at a cost. These can be financial (loss of profit), political (loss of trust, over-regulation) or societal (curbs on fundamental freedoms) in nature. Cyber diplomacy has become the main avenue for protecting the rules-based international order and imposing consequences on perpetrators of malicious cyber activities.  A common and comprehensive EU approach to cyber diplomacy contributes to the mitigation of cybersecurity threatsconflict prevention and greater international stability through the use of diplomatic and legal instruments.

The European Union as a Cyber Player

  • leads by example by strengthening cyber resilience
  • constrains malicious actors by signalling potential consequences
  • is committed to voluntary norms, rules and principles of responsible state behaviour
  • builds trust to reduce the risk of misperception, escalation and conflict