Initial Set of OSCE CBM’s to reduce conflict stemming from the use of ICT’s





Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)


The OSCE Ministerial Council welcomed an initial set of Confidence-Building Measures in 2013 aimed at reducing conflict stemming from the use of information and communication technologies. The measures are to :
1. on a voluntary basis, provide national views on aspects of national and transnational threats to and in the use of ICTs
2. facilitate co-operation among the competent national bodies, exchange information in relation with the security of and in the use of ICTs,
3. hold consultations in order to reduce the risks of misperception, and of the possible emergence of political or military tension or conflict that may stem from the use of ICTs, protect critical national and international ICT infrastructures, including their integrity,
4. share information on measures that they have taken to ensure an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet;
5. will use the OSCE as a platform for dialogue, exchange of best practices, awareness-raising and information on capacity-building with regard to the security of and in the use of ICTs, including effective responses to related threats, and further explore the role of the OSCE in this regard;
6.  encourage Member States to have in place national legislation to facilitate on a voluntary basis bilateral co-operation and information exchange between competent authorities, including law enforcement agencies, in order to counter terrorist or criminal use of ICTs;
7. voluntarily share information on their national organisation, strategies, policies and programmes, including information about co-operation between the public and the private sector relevant to the security of and in the use of ICTs;
8. nominate a contact point to facilitate pertinent communications and dialogue on the security of and in the use of ICTs, voluntarily provide contact data for existing official national structures that manage ICT-related incidents and co-ordinate responses to enable a direct dialogue, and facilitate interaction among responsible national bodies and experts.
9. in order to reduce the risk of misunderstandings in the absence of agreed terminology and to further a continuing dialogue, as a first step, voluntarily provide a list of national terminology related to the security of and in the use of ICTs, accompanied by an explanation or definition of each term
10. voluntarily exchange views using OSCE platforms and mechanisms
11. Participating States will, at the level of designated national experts, meet at least three times each year, within the framework of the Security Committee and its Informal Working Group to discuss information exchanged and explore appropriate development of CBMs