Additional OSCE CBM’S to reduce conflict stemming from the use of ICT’s





Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)


in 2016 the OSCE added the following five new CBMs and a new section of ‘Considerations’ to the initial set of 11 CBMs:

  • share information and facilitate inter-State exchanges in different formats, including workshops, seminars, and roundtables, including on the regional and/or subregional level;
  • conduct activities for officials and experts to support the facilitation of authorized and protected communication channels to prevent and reduce the risks of misperception, escalation, and conflict;
  • to clarify technical, legal and diplomatic mechanisms to address ICT-related requests.
  • promote public-private partnerships and develop mechanisms to exchange best practices of
    responses to common security challenges stemming from the use of ICTs.
  • to encourage, facilitate and/or participate in regional and subregional collaboration between legally-authorized authorities responsible for securing critical infrastructures to discuss opportunities and address challenges to national as well as trans-border ICT networks, upon which such critical infrastructure relies.