EU External Cyber Capacity Building Guidelines

The Council of the European Union
Short Summary
A set of Council Conclusions on EU External Cyber Capacity Building Guidelines were adopted in June 2018, offering political guidance on the scope, principles, priorities and approach for the EU’s engagement in this field.

The Conclusions underline that external cyber capacity-building initiatives by the EU and its Member States should prioritise addressing cybercrime and increasing cybersecurity in partner countries and regions, with a focus on reforms across the main pillars of cyber resilience, through:

  • supporting an overarching strategic framework;
  • promoting legislative reforms and increasing the capacities of the criminal justice system;
  • developing and increasing incident management capabilities;
  • developing education, professional training and expertise in this field and promoting cyber hygiene and awareness as well as a culture of security assessment of digital products, processes and services in compliance with European and international standards and best practices;
  • applying a whole-of-society approach.

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